As a pedagogue, I promote the creative interaction with rhythmic material. Beyond that, in addition to a deeper comprehension of music, my students also gain important key skills.

Because of my experience as a teacher in different music schools and my participation in musical projects and bands, I am able to communicate on a practical basis. I am trained in aspects including individual and ensemble education, (Brazilian) percussion and improvisation.

Actually I am teaching in the following institutions:

Klingendes Museum Berlin

Musikschule Barnim

Kreismusikschule Dahme-Spreewald

I created my own drum-method called „Dr. Drum“ specifically for my lessons (Editor: Epubli, ISBN: 9783752945416). It contains forty Rock- and pop songs and also systematic and technical exercises. The book can be ordered here.

Here is a video of my lessons with children:

Here is a video of the samba group „Repicando“ I conducted for several years in Stuttgart: